[7] Days of Holidays Gifts for the Peak Performance Trader – Day 2 – The Gift of Reading

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December 18, 2015
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December 20, 2015
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Day 2 – The Gift of Reading

I’m an avid reader reading on average 100 books a year, and I truly believe in the power of a good book – Just one small insight can change everything.

So whether you read for business or entertainment here a few titles for the discerning trader.

1.  Stock Trader’s Almanac 2016

We’ve all heard the saying “history doesn’t repeat but it rhymes”.

Well the venerable Stock Trader’s Almanac is now going on 50 years and it’s the book thousands of market professionals have turned to see if there is a historical edge to be found in the market. Whether you rely on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or a mix of the two, historical data is vital—and it doesn’t get any better than the sterling data found in this guide.

  • Get the latest trends, patterns, cycles, and more
  • Stay up to date with all most valuable publicly available stock market information
  • Discover seasonal opportunities and dangers

Think of it as your calendar to the stock market.

2.  2016 Daily Econoday Journal

Speaking of a calendar.
Although not really a book, Econoday, known for poweringNasdaq’s Economic Calendar, has come out with a beautiful Daily Journal for 2016.The Daily Econoday Journal is designed for the active trader and is an ideal solution for professionals who follow the markets in multiple time zones. The day-counter is an invaluable tool for anyone participating in the origination or investment of securities out 365 days.Journal Features:

  • The Monthly Monitor displaying market moving announcements for each day of the calendar year
  • Global Banking Holidays
  • Key Indexes Tracker on each page

3.  Trading Psychology 2.0: From Best Practices to Best Processes

Over the years Dr. Brett Steenbarger has written some of the most influential books on trading psychology, including my favorites Enhancing Trader Performance and The Daily Trading Coach.

After 6 long years, Dr. Brett is back with his long awaitedTrading Psychology 2.0 and once again Dr. Brett delivers a classic that should find a home on any traders bookshelves.

If you’re curious to learn about the habits, routines, traits, and practices gathered through working directly with some of the trading world’s peak performers then this book will be right up your alley.

4.  Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Hardcover – 1930 – Collectible

This gift is for the trader who has everything.Reminiscences of a Stock Operator continues to be the one of most popular trading books of all.  However does the peak performance trader in your life have an original 1930 copy of the venerable classic?

Retailing for a cool $560 USD, this classic continues to spark the imaginations of new and old traders and delivers timeless insights from the life and times of one of the greatest traders of all time.

That’s a wrap for Day 2!

Happy Gift Giving,

PS – Again don’t forget to forward this list to all those buying you presents this year!



[7] Days of Holidays Gifts for the Peak Performance Trader – Day 2 – The Gift of Reading

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