[7] Days of Holidays Gifts for the Peak Performance Trader – Day 6 – The Gift of Gratitude

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December 22, 2015
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December 24, 2015
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Day 6 – The Gift of Gratitude


In many ways trading can be a very selfish and lonely endeavour.


There’s the personal commitment in time and energy to research, prepare, and trade, the constant fretting over individual performance, the swings in emotional highs and lows around making and losing money –  all of this makes it easy to get caught up in your headspace and lose track of the bigger picture.


Living in this space for too long can lead to feelings of discontent, disconnection, and unfulfilment.


The field of positive psychology tells us that those who are habitually grateful are significantly happier than those who are not.  Furthermore, studies suggest that feelings of gratitude may even possess health benefits.

Today’s gift ideas are simple recommendations to help you begin to acknowledge and practice the feelings of appreciation and thanks because developing a regular practice of gratitude can be one of the most worthwhile and meaningful endeavours you can embark upon.


1.  Gratitude: A Journal – $10.57 USD

By far the most popular gratitude practice is that of keeping a gratitude journal.

A gratitude journal is simply a diary of things for which one is grateful.
Empirical research suggests that keeping a gratitude journal has a positive effect on one’s psychological, physical, and emotional well being.


Regularly recording 3-10 things that one is grateful for can improve and strengthen one’s physical and psychological health.


You can buy many different pre-formatted gratitude journals like the popular Gratitude: A Journal but keeping a gratitude journal can be as simple as asking yourself at the end of each and everyday –

“I am grateful for ___________, because ________________”, and spending some time contemplating and writing down your thoughts.


Research has found that gratitude journal entries that address and answer these questions “Why am I grateful for this? Why did this good thing happen?” are exceptionally beneficial because they cause us to think about and recognize what we can grateful and its cause(s).

Ultimately having deeper, more personal things to be grateful for yields greater happiness and increased resilience.


2.  Kiva –  $ – You decide

Earlier this year I penned an article called Giving when it hurts.
In the article I discussed the necessity to connect with something bigger than oneself to sustain trading performance.

Personally, I’ve always had a deep desire to make a meaningful contribution to those who have fewer opportunities however I never felt as though it was the right time to make a difference.

In the end of the article I issued a personal challenge to donate a portion of my trading proceeds each and every week to one of my favourite organizations – Kiva.

So was the challenge easy?  Not at all.  There were weeks where my trading was great and I had no problems donating money.  Then there were the weeks where my trading slumped and I found it very difficult to release the money.  And in all honesty, there were weeks I did not keep my end of the agreement.  In the end this challenge raised my level of awareness on how I handle and overcome the feelings of scarcity.

As the year comes to a close I just want to acknowledge and express my gratitude for all that has transpired in 2015.

I’m grateful for my trading results and all that is has afforded, grateful to the clients I have coached and continue to coach, grateful to all you guys who tune into the blog and podcast, and the traders who show up to the meetups .

This year I personally want to show my gratitude by extending a special offer.

As I’ve mentioned I’m a big believer in the work that Kiva does.
For those who may not know of KivaKiva is an amazing non-profit organization that helps alleviate poverty through Microfinance.

If the work that Kiva does resonates with you then till the end of the year,  I will match 50 cents on every dollar donated up to $500.

You can donate as little as $25, every dollar helps.   Click here to give.
Simply email me your donation receipt before Jan. 1, 2016 and I will match every donation 50 cents on the dollar, up to $500.

Despite what the financial media likes to portray, I believe that traders are some of the most generous and giving people I know.  I hope that this practice of giving grows into something we can all turn into a tradition.

Happy Giving,


PS –
Dear reader I want to appreciate you for staying with me on this journey.
A small voice inside of me would rather just play it safe and stick to talking about what everyone else talks about in trading because stepping into the unknown is hard.


Letting my true aspirations and intentions be heard without knowing whether or not they will be reciprocated is hard.


All of this tells me this is something I need to lean into.
Afterall in life as in trading, if we’re honest with ourselves and we can learn to lean into fear this is where our greatest growth and accomplishments lie.


[7] Days of Holidays Gifts for the Peak Performance Trader – Day 6 – The Gift of Gratitude

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