[7] Days of Holidays Gifts for the Peak Performance Trader – Day 7 – The Gift of Education


Day 7 – The Gift of Education


Welcome to Day 7 of the [7] Days of Christmas.
The theme in our final instalment is “The Gift of Education”.One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves as traders is the gift of education – I prefer calling it personal development.

In my article, The 9 Steps to Trading Mastery, I stressed the importance of traders to priortize personal development, learning, and growth.

Unfortunately far too many of us stop educating ourselves after reaching a certain level of education, income bracket, or age.

We reach a plateau.
We reach for a newspaper or a magazine while sitting on a bus or treadmill.
Some of us may even go so far as to seek personal development but usually it’s out of a sense of obligation to one’s self or one’s employer.

So let me ask you when’s the last time you pursued something out of true wonder and curiosity?
Ask yourself when’s the last time you stretched yourself to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile?

Meaning is found in the pursuit of excellence, and in the end there is no finish line in that pursuit.

So this Christmas and in 2016, stretch yourself, and give yourself or someone you care for the gift of development.

This past year I spent some time putting together several free online courses which you can find here.

As a thank you to all of you who following the Trading Edge, I would like to extend a personal holiday gift of 20% OFF on my latest online course and 1-1 coaching program.
This offer will last only until Dec. 31, 2015 [11:59] PM UTC.

1.  The 6 Keys To Embodying Peak Performance – Regularly $199 USD / Now $159.20 USD (after 20% discount)

Inspired by a presentation I delivered to the Montreal Traders Meetup this online course is a combination of videos and exercises based on studying dozens of books and researching the areas of performance, psychology, emotions, and health + wellness, as well as interviewing dozens of high achievers across domains, I have distilled all the elements of high achievement into a high performance model for traders.

If you are interested in going from “GOOD to GREAT” then The 6 Keys To Embodying Peak Performance is an accessible way to start you journey.

The 6 Keys To Embodying Peak Performance will take you through these key concepts and share with your some practices and exercises which you can apply to your trading immediately.

  1. Find your Purpose
  2. Master your Inner Game
  3. Practice
  4. Embrace Stress
  5. Seek Mastery
  6. Tune Your Mind & body

2.  “Keys To Your Trading Business” 1-1 Coaching Program – Regularly $3,075 USD / Now $2460 USD (after 20% discount)

I’m putting the final touches on my latest 1-1 coaching program called “Keys To Your Trading Business” 1-1 Coaching Program.

The program will officially be rolled out in January but if you are interested in 1-1 coaching here’s an opportunity to get in early and save.

I keep my 1-1 Coaching program very exclusive so this program will have limited seats, so scheduling will be done on a first come first serve basis.The program is highly tailored based on your acumen and experience.

We begin right away with an evaluation to quickly pinpoint your top strengths and identify areas for growth.

Here are the foundational elements of the program –

  • “Trading Edge” assessment to identify your strengths and areas for development
  • Training and coaching focused on 4 key disciplines –
    • System
    • Methodology
    • Mind/Psychology
    • Knowledge – Creating perfect trading habits, Market and Technical Analysis, Tools, and Resources
  • 1-1 weekly scheduled coaching
  • Responsive email support for questions, support, and encouragement.
  • Lifetime access to the Slack collaborative platform for coaching and collaboration
  • Weekly homework to maximize your progress between coaching sessions
  • Templates and Worksheets for exercises and discovery each month, keeping you in powerful forward action and supporting our phone sessions as you work through the program steps
  • Accountability measures and monthly assessments/goal tracking
  • Lifetime access to course content as well as course update
  • Bonus:  Free lifetime access to The 6 Keys To Embodying Peak Performance course (value $199)
If you’ve been considering stepping up your commitment to trading and getting some coaching then now’s the time –   “Keys To Your Trading Business” 1-1 Coaching Program.
Next year the price will go up when we launch.
Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy Holidays!

PS – Don’t forget the 20% OFF offer will last only until Dec. 31, 2015 [11:59] PM UTC.

[7] Days of Holidays Gifts for the Peak Performance Trader – Day 7 – The Gift of Education

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