A Crazy Little Thing Called Risk ūüė®

So to kick things off, the first theme we’ll be exploring is the topic of ¬†“Risk and Money Management“. This week’s¬†lesson comes from our “in-house” risk expert – certified risk manager and frequent contributor, Michael Toma who challenges each of us with a set of important questions to consider to identify the¬†risks¬†to our trading¬†businesses. It‚Äôs […]

Sharing Lessons and Perspectives

  Hi traders,¬†I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from the activities here on the blog to concentrate my activities around the Montreal Traders Meetup group, which I founded back in 2014. ¬† The Montreal Traders Meetup¬†group has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year and we are now at over¬†1,000 traders¬†in the […]

Episode 32 – Artificial Intelligence and Trading with Luc Begnoche

Listen to the Episode Below (00:53:06)
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Summary In this episode we‚Äôre going to be talking about Artificial Intelligence and trading. Nowadays we read a lot of headlines around the exponential developments in AI and how many companies are rushing to bring AI related technologies to market. The promise is that AI can and will change the way we do everything -…

Webinar Recording: How To Develop Stable Trading Confidence

Thank you to all who attended our webcast this past week, we¬†hope you enjoyed it. Here’s a recording of the presentation. Enjoy!  

The Shanghai (Overnight Futures) Surprise

This article is submitted by Michael Toma. ¬† Michael is a Certified Risk Manager, author, and trader and is our¬†‚Äúresident risk‚ÄĚ contributor at The Trading¬†Edge. In this fun article Michael shares his recent experience of trading while vacationing in¬†Asia and shares¬†his experience of preparing to trade away from the trading desk.   I recently took […]

Free Webinar: How To Develop Stable Trading Confidence

It is often said that confidence is the most important emotion in trading. So what does your trading confidence look like? Does your confidence accurately¬†reflect your skill as a trader or is your confidence like a roller coaster ride that rises and falls with your trading profits and losses? If you have ever traded from […]

Check Out The Brain Optimization Summit – January 20-22

Just in time to kick start the mental energy, focus and memory you need for peak performance in the year ahead‚Ķ   Trading is the quintessential mental game endeavour which is why I think it is so important to prioritize mental health and well-being. I‚Äôm pleased to share that I‚Äôll will be a featured speaker […]

Episode 31 – Cultivating Peak Performance In Trading

Listen to the Episode Below (00:55:13)
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This episode is a discourse into cultivating the habits and routines to achieve peak trading performance. ¬† Based on my own research and experience on peak performance as well as the dozens of traders interviews i‚Äôve done through the podcast, my meetup group, and with the traders i work with I will share the lifestyle…

What are you doing that is keeping you from getting what you really want?

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” As we enter upon the final trading days of the year set aside some time the next several days to¬†reflect on your trading this past¬†year. Invest the¬†time and reflect on some of your goals and consider some of these questions. Did you get the results you […]

Announcement: The “Keys To Your Trading Business” Program

If you tuned into my webinar this past week you probably heard me announce¬†the release¬†of my latest course The ‚ÄúKeys To Your Trading Business‚ÄĚ Program. ¬†¬† The ‚ÄúKeys To Your Trading Business‚Ä̬†program is a complete A-Z system that gives you the¬†Strategies,¬†Tactics, and¬†Mentorship¬†to create a¬†profitable trading business. Becoming a successful trader is about a lot more […]

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