Episode 13 – Why confidence is the most important emotion in trading w/ Nikolai Dimitrov

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Summary In this week’s episode I catch up with trader and trading coach Nikolai Dimitrov. With experiences as a concert pianist, a semi professional bodybuilder, and a fine finish carpentry craftsman, and an educational background in physics, math, and in business and management - Nikolai brings a unique set of experiences and perspectives to trading. What I think you'll appreciate from our conversation is Nikolai's craftsman like work ethic when it comes to trading.This is a trait and quality that I think all of us could benefit from and practice. If…

Episode 12 – The Art of Technical Indicators w/ Barry Taylor @eminiwatch

Listen to the Episode Below (01:06:33)
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Summary In this week's episode I interview Emini-watch’s Barry Taylor. What I admire most about Barry is how he’s architected a fantastic life through trading. He spends much of his year travelling around the world, spending time each year in places like Australia, France, and Hawaii and enjoying the great surf. He’s the quintessential trader…

Weekly Market Perspectives – 09/28-10/02

Weekly Market Commentary –   All appeared lost this past week as it early in the week it appeared as though the market were heading for a sell off after breaking out of the recent consolidation. In times like these, it’s important to focus on the bigger picture and view things from a longer term perspective. The weekly chart […]

Eat what you kill

This past week I had a great conversation with trader and founder of Stockscores.com Tyler Bollhorn for the podcast. In our chat we talk about this idea I call the “fallacy of setting daily trading goals”, which I’ve written about here. However this got me thinking about one of human nature’s most powerful drives and that’s […]

Episode 11 – When the going gets tough good traders get lazy w/ Tyler Bollhorn @Stockscores

Summary   On this week’s show I interview Tyler Bollhorn and it’s a great show. Tyler has been trading for 25 years and has spoken to probably 1000's of traders through the seminars and speaking events he does as part of his Stockscores program along with the MoneyShow.  Tyler doesn't remember this but one of the 1st trading…

Weekly Market Perspectives – 09/21-09/25

Weekly Market Commentary –   This week we saw major fireworks in the Builders and Healthcare sectors (as we’ll detail more below) but the overall market indices continued to consolidate in the range highlighted in yellow. All of the major levels we outlined the past few weeks have held so the following scenario is still in play. We see 2 possible scenarios of which […]

Episode 10 – The role of neuro meta structures and how to reshape and upgrade our trading mindsets through Awareness, Acceptance, & Action w/ Rich Friesen

Summary   In this episode I had the opportunity to deep dive into the topic of developing the ideal trading mindset with Rich Friesen. Rich brings a deep wealth of knowledge to the table drawing on his many years as a broker, floor trader, financial software developer and entrepreneur. Now he works with financial professionals,…

Weekly Market Perspectives – 09/14-09/18

Weekly Market Commentary –   This week’s price action was topped off by the FOMC announcement on Thursday.  As was the case with all FOMC announcements all eyes were firmly fixed on not just the announcement but to the market’s reaction of the announcement. As mentioned in last week’s commentary the 199.88 level acted as resistance and capped […]

Why you need to take control over your development and become your own trading coach

Are you struggling to be a consistent trader? Do you have the bad habit of jumping from idea to idea, fad to fad? Have you struggled to create lasting change in your trading? Has your development as a trader stalled out? Are you starting to have doubts on whether you can become a professional trader? […]

Check out my interview on the Desire To Trade Podcast @desiretotrade

I recently had the pleasure of appearing on Etienne Crete’s the Desire To Trade Podcast (DTTP). In the podcast I share my story around how I got into trading and we get into the topics of peak performance for trading, routines and rituals, creating perfect trading habits, meditation, and the inner game of trading. If […]

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