Weekly Market Perspectives – 08/24-08/28

Weekly Market Commentary –   Sell-off? On Monday the markets opened the week sharply lower to the downside. There was a palpable sense of panic as everyone speculated whether this was the big sell-off media pundits had been portending. As Monday progressed however buyers quickly stepped in over and over again at key points and began to chip […]

Announcing The “Trading Edges” Podcast

  Great news our podcast is finally on iTunes! Check out The “Trading Edges” Podcast where I interview leading experts and traders to bring you actionable insights around the areas of trading and peak performance. We have plenty of great interviews lined up so keep your eyes and ears tuned! Finally if you enjoy the podcast please leave us […]

Weekly Market Perspectives – 08/17-08/21

  Weekly Market Commentary –   Finally the decisive break we’ve been waiting for. This week we saw the SPY finally break out of its symmetrical triangle and hit the the downside target we had laid out over the past couple of weeks. Note how the 50 period weekly SMA had previously held two excursions to the […]

Weekly Market Perspectives – 08/10-08/14

  Weekly Commentary –   The words “summer trading” pretty much sum up this week’s price action. This week we saw the SPY bounce off the 50 period MA for the second time as well as off the uptrend inside of the symmetrical triangle we highlighted for the past 2 weeks. The SPY is squeezing inside of symmetrical triangle on […]

Weekly Market Perspectives – 08/03-08/07

  Weekly Commentary –   This week we saw a consolidation week as the market sold off slightly to test the uptrend inside of the symmetrical triangle and closed inside of last week’s price action forming an inside week. The market is contracting here in what will likely be a setup for some range expansion in the near future. Last week we […]

Episode 6 – Brendan Moynihan – Lessons From What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars

Listen to the Episode Below (00:57:44)
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Summary Brendan is the author of numerous books but I brought Brendan on the show to pick his brain about one of my favourite books and one that I often recommend to other traders - "What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars".   What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars was originally published in 1994…

Weekly Perspectives – 07/27-07/31

  Weekly Commentary –   This week buyers stepped in at the 78% retracement and now we have a potential higher high setting up a triangle formation. As detailed here last week we had an unfilled gap on the VXX at 17.70 which was filled first thing in the week followed by filling the other previously unfilled downside […]

Episode 5 – Achieving Peak Performance in Trading and Investing with Bruce Bower of @howoftrading

Summary In this show, I have the great pleasure of interviewing author and hedge fund manager Bruce Bower. Bruce is the author of Peak Performance Trading and Investing, and the book is a wealth of knowledge on how traders can achieve peak performance in trading. In this interview we touch on a plethora of topics including - the importance of a trade…

Episode 4 – Interview with Brad Jelinek – In the pursuit of a better trading lifestyle

Listen to the Episode Below (01:01:07)
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Summary: In this interview, I catch up with seasoned futures trader Brad Jelinek. Brad talks about pursuing a balanced trading lifestyle, the insights he has gained from meditation and how that has helped his trading, and the power of surrender. After trading at a prop firm for twelve years, Brad has recently left to become an…

The 12 reasons most traders fail

“The trading profession has a problem that is two-fold:  There is a low bar for entry and a high bar for success.” I’m probably not going to make a lot of friends with this post.  This is hard to say and it many ways even harder to accept but most would be traders who enter […]

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