Episode 9 – Why professional traders don’t measure their performance in dollars and cents w/ Michael Toma

Summary Between all the elements in trading that traders focus on and can focus on, risk management is often overlooked and under appreciated. Today I bring on Michael Toma, who has a long history as risk manager and a trader, to talk to us about not only the importance of risk management but how risk…

Weekly Market Perspectives – 09/07-09/11

Weekly Market Commentary –   With the shortened trading week, this week’s price action could have best been characterized as a period of consolidation, as the major indices closed near where they opened. All in all a slightly positive end to the week as the buyers were able to close the week slightly higher. At this […]

Episode 8 – The hero’s journey, the lesson of fat tails, what to do if you’re a struggling trader w/@Adamhgrimes

Summary In this episode I interview Adam Grimes. Adam is a fellow podcaster, seasoned trader, systems developer, author of The Art and Science of Technical Analysis, and the CIO of Waverly Advisor. That’s a mouthful but beyond all that what I respect most about Adam is the amount of work he contributes to the trading…

Weekly Market Perspectives – 08/31-09/04

Weekly Market Commentary –   The Gap fill game. This week’s price action could have been characterized as market pinball as the major market indices bounced back and forth filling the unfilled gaps.  The SPY retraced and tested the 50% level of its most recent swing and held, which is near term bullish. As I updated mid-week on the […]

Episode 7 – The paradox of trading without thinking and a trader’s emotional growth curve w/ @Realitytrader Vadym Graifer.

Summary   In this week's show, I had the great pleasure of interviewing full-time professional trader Vadym Graifer. Vad has been daytrading for 20 years, which is no small feat, and is also a teacher to traders, and author of numerous trading books including Techniques for Tape Reading (2003), The Master Profit Plan (2005), and…

Weekly Market Perspectives – 08/24-08/28

Weekly Market Commentary –   Sell-off? On Monday the markets opened the week sharply lower to the downside. There was a palpable sense of panic as everyone speculated whether this was the big sell-off media pundits had been portending. As Monday progressed however buyers quickly stepped in over and over again at key points and began to chip […]

Announcing The “Trading Edges” Podcast

  Great news our podcast is finally on iTunes! Check out The “Trading Edges” Podcast where I interview leading experts and traders to bring you actionable insights around the areas of trading and peak performance. We have plenty of great interviews lined up so keep your eyes and ears tuned! Finally if you enjoy the podcast please leave us […]

Weekly Market Perspectives – 08/17-08/21

  Weekly Market Commentary –   Finally the decisive break we’ve been waiting for. This week we saw the SPY finally break out of its symmetrical triangle and hit the the downside target we had laid out over the past couple of weeks. Note how the 50 period weekly SMA had previously held two excursions to the […]

Weekly Market Perspectives – 08/10-08/14

  Weekly Commentary –   The words “summer trading” pretty much sum up this week’s price action. This week we saw the SPY bounce off the 50 period MA for the second time as well as off the uptrend inside of the symmetrical triangle we highlighted for the past 2 weeks. The SPY is squeezing inside of symmetrical triangle on […]

Weekly Market Perspectives – 08/03-08/07

  Weekly Commentary –   This week we saw a consolidation week as the market sold off slightly to test the uptrend inside of the symmetrical triangle and closed inside of last week’s price action forming an inside week. The market is contracting here in what will likely be a setup for some range expansion in the near future. Last week we […]

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