Episode 32 – Artificial Intelligence and Trading with Luc Begnoche

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In this episode we’re going to be talking about Artificial Intelligence and trading.

Nowadays we read a lot of headlines around the exponential developments in AI and how many companies are rushing to bring AI related technologies to market. The promise is that AI can and will change the way we do everything – that is the way retailers sell, the way we make purchases, drive cars, practice medicine, grow crops, and so on but what will AI do to trading?

To help us explore this topic I invited cofounder and CEO of startup AIDvisors Luc Begnoche to share his perspectives around the history of AI, the different applications of AI, the application to trading, and how Luc’s company is bringing to market a consumer friendly AI driven trading service.

Take a listen to the episode, leave us some feedback and let us know what you think?
On the one hand we hear about the dangers of AI taking over the world and on the other spectrum we have about the potential human assisting benefits.
So what do you believe at it pertains to trading?
Will AI will disrupt the financial markets or will AI ultimately the markets even more efficient?

Leave us your feedback in the comments section below.

Big Ideas

On this podcast you’ll hear and learn about –

  • The difference types of AI
  • The difference between algo trading and AI trading
  • The evolution of Quantitative market analysis to AI
  • Use cases for AI in trading
  • The optimum period to update your trading algorithm/system
  • Whether AI will replace human traders and the impact on markets?

Resources Mentioned

AIDvisors – Luc’s company – Offering a marketplace of AI-driven investment strategies to individual investors. The startup mission is to democratize artificial intelligence and finance by making the investment strategies accessible and affordable. Developing a proprietary SaaS platform based on machine learning, which is continuously learning and optimizing proprietary algorithms to the stock market.

Quantstart – Site recommended by Luc to learn about quantitative trading.

Early Access Program – Landing page to subscribe the the upcoming AIDvisors closed beta (early access program).

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