Are Large Losses Necessary?

Recently I was having a friendly debate with a fellow trader around the nature of losses.  His belief, and one which i believe is shared by a great many traders, is that experiencing a large trading loss (or even losses) is a necessary part of … [Continue reading]

Trading Exercise: Your Trading Twin

If you've been struggling or want to take your trading to the next level it's sometime best to take a step back and view things from a different perspective. The following visualization exercise is adapted from Sam Bennett's book, Get It Done, and … [Continue reading]

Loading the Boat with Trade Risk

This article is submitted by Michael Toma.   Michael is a Certified Risk Manager, author of The Risk of Trading: Mastering the Most Important Element in Financial Speculation, trader, and our “resident risk” contributor.   If there is … [Continue reading]

Episode 27 – Raising awareness around EMF pollution w/ Mercedes Oestermann @_BuddhistTrader

Summary We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled trading programming to explore a topic that’s a bit under the radar for most people and that’s around the topic of EMF exposure and pollution. For those of you who are not that familiar … [Continue reading]

Episode 26 – The Essence Of Trading Psychology In One Skill w/ Yvan Byeajee @yvanbyeajee

Summary In this week’s show I chat with trader, blogger and author Yvan Byeajee. Yvan is the author of a number of popular trading titles including Zero to Hero and Paradigm Shift and he drops by to talk about his latest book The Essence Of … [Continue reading]

The Phantom Audit

  This week's article is submitted by Michael Toma.   Michael is a Certified Risk Manager, author, and trader and is our "resident risk" contributor at The Trading Edge (   Since I started trading, I have … [Continue reading]

3/17/2016 Live Trade Recording Post FOMC day +7R Result

Sharing a quick live recording of today's trades. End result was +7R (reward:risk) on the day. 2 key takeaways from the day - 1st key was being flexible. As you'll see in the video I had a short bias however I did not allow that opinion to … [Continue reading]

My Appearance On The Trading Story Podcast @tradingstory

Quick Plug Just a quick plug - I recently appeared on Brandon Clay's ever popular Trading Story Podcast, which came out earlier this week. It was interesting being on the other end of the interview questions for a change.  :) Check out the … [Continue reading]

Why is it that most traders fail?

Why is it that most traders fail? Could it be that the reason most traders fail, or at least fail to succeed at their desired level of success, is not due to a lack of market knowledge or understanding but rather a lack of self awareness and self … [Continue reading]

2/29/2016 Live Trade Recording – 3R Winner on XIV

Happy Leap Day! Just posting a live trade recording from today's session. As I share in the video, a key posture in trading is to have the following decision making framework - Expectation, Anticipation, and Adaptation Or as Wayne … [Continue reading]

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