Get 10% Happier – Take the 28 Day Mindfulness for Traders Challenge

[Tweet “I can’t think of one practice that has more improved my outlook on trading more than mindfulness.”] From the likes of hedge fund managers Ray Dalio and Paul Tudor Jones, to artists and professionals like Howard Stern, Tim Ferriss, and Russell Simmons, and countless sports athletes, the number of high performers who are extolling […]

Lessons from What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars

Black Friday Several Friday’s ago I had the type of session that could have ended very badly for me. I started the session with a good trade but then missed an easy opportunity which would have allowed me to meet my trading goals for the day.  I call it missing the “one and done” trade.  […]

Are you having Problems Pulling the Trigger or Sticking to your Trading Plan?

Have you had your share of lumps in the market? Do you now find it hard to follow your trading rules? Are you taking profits too quickly? Are you struggling with letting your winners run? Are you closing out your trades early just to see them ultimately run up and hit your targets? If you’ve been burned […]

How Do You Build Resilience Into Your Trading? #mindfulness

Are you trying to trade your way out of your current slump? Are you digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole with your trading? Are your trading losses piling up and affecting your profitability for the week, month, year? Have you experienced depression or negative thoughts stemming from your trading? Has you trading influenced your personal or […]

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