Creatine Isn’t Only for Athletes, Bro

Readers of The Trading Edge know that I strongly believe that trading well is akin to peak performance. However sustained peak performance is only available to us when there is a strong congruence between mind, body, and technique. In this guest post, guest contributor Mansal Denton, gives a new spin on one of the most popular and […]

Getting Started with Micronutrients

  Forward We speak a lot here at the Trading Edge about nootropics supplementation.  However as I’ve expressed elsewhere on this blog I firmly believe that a solid diet, health and lifestyle choices are the foundation upon which we can build our supplement stack.  To that end I thought it would be very appropriate to have […]

Taking The Braverman Assessment

  Eric Braverman, MD defines our nature specifically from our unique brain chemistry. The flow of electricity of the brain waves is provided by the brain’s neurotransmitters. The brain’s neurotransmitters transfer electricity that then sends energy and information to the rest of your body. This chemistry affects our memory, attention, personality and physical health. The […]

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