Webinar Recording: How To Develop Stable Trading Confidence

Thank you to all who attended our webcast this past week, we hope you enjoyed it. Here’s a recording of the presentation. Enjoy!  

Webinar Recording: Why trying harder doesn’t make you a better trader and how gaps in your learning strategies are holding back your trading progress

Thank you to all who attended our webcast this past week, we hope you enjoyed it. As promised here is a link to the recording of the webcast. Unfortunately there was a small technical glitch and the first 30 mins of the call was lost but i think you will nonetheless find the rest of the recording […]

3/17/2016 Live Trade Recording Post FOMC day +7R Result

Sharing a quick live recording of today’s trades. End result was +7R (reward:risk) on the day. 2 key takeaways from the day – 1st key was being flexible. As you’ll see in the video I had a short bias however I did not allow that opinion to obscure what was objectively going on with price action. 2nd was […]

2/29/2016 Live Trade Recording – 3R Winner on XIV

Happy Leap Day! Just posting a live trade recording from today’s session. As I share in the video, a key posture in trading is to have the following decision making framework – Expectation, Anticipation, and Adaptation Or as Wayne Gretzky says – Skate to where the puck is going.  🙂

February 11 – Live Trade Recording – Watch Me Catch A +9R Trade

I want to share a live video from today’s trading session which I think has some great lessons. Lessons you will get from this video: Momentum precedes price Volume precedes price Always seek trades that can yield asymmetrical risk to reward The importance of using strategic trailing stops to manage the volatility of your PnL Video summary: Took 3 […]

What’s your trading mindset?

  System, Methodology, and Psychology form the foundations of trading. Yet most traders doggedly pursue finding a “holy grail” trading system and methodology but leave the psychological aspects of their trading thoroughly un-examined. “The life which is unexamined is not worth living.” – Socrates If you struggle with emotions in your trading (such as having a fear based mindset), lose money trading live money […]

Technically Perfect – Pullback Setup Opportunities on Oct. 22, 2014

Trade: The Pullback Setup

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