Episode 5 – Achieving Peak Performance in Trading and Investing with Bruce Bower of @howoftrading

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July 27, 2015
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In this show, I have the great pleasure of interviewing author and hedge fund manager Bruce Bower.

Bruce is the author of Peak Performance Trading and Investing, and the book is a wealth of knowledge on how traders can achieve peak performance in trading.

In this interview we touch on a plethora of topics including – the importance of a trade plan, the need to focus on decision making, visualization, mindfulness, developing skills, peak performance, and a lot more.

In the end we really only scratched the surface of Bruce’s book, Peak Performance Trading and Investing, so I highly recommend picking it up if you want to dive deeper.


Bruce Bower is a London-based investor in emerging market equities. He has a keen interest in markets, psychology and self-development. He is also an active writer and investor in early-stage companies.

Currently, Bruce is an Advisor to Verno Capital, a Moscow-based hedge fund. Previously, from September 2010-May 2014, he was a Partner, Head of Equity and Portfolio Manager at Verno, based in Moscow. Cumulatively, he has spent 8 years living and working in Moscow, investing in the markets of the former Soviet Union.

He is an active writer about markets, investing, psychology and peak performance.

Follow his blog “The How of Trading”, www.howoftrading.com, for the latest updates.


Big Ideas

  1. Start with a plan – “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.
  2. In the beginning find a plan that looks good, vet it, and then learn how to execute it.
  3. The only way to see if you can trade your trade plan is by practicing with real money on the line.
  4. Focus on making good decisions; not the money
  5. Peak performance is developed through constant reviewing and tweaking
  6. Developing a mindfulness practice can act as a circuit breaker – a way to detach and then make better decisions
  7. Peak performers are the ones that manage their energy best

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:57 ] – Bruce’s big break and how he totally screwed it up
  • [05:14 ] – The importance of having the right plan and trusting it
  • [10:48 ] – When first starting out what’s the best way to find a plan – COPY
  • [14:51] – Why nothing beats trading with real money – emotions
  • [18:04] – Why good decision making needs to be the emphasis of your trading  – making money is the output
  • [22:47 ] – How new traders underestimate the challenge of trading
  • [27:52] – Bruce’s take on the 10,000 hour rule
  • [29:08] – The real nitty gritty of peak performance comes from reviewing and tweaking
  • [35:31 ] – Bruce’s experiences with Mindfulness
  • [39:07] – “Habit Breaker” mindfulness technique
  • [41:24] – Benefits of mindfulness
  • [43:25] – The applicability of NLP to trading
  • [47: 45] – Bruce describes his pre-market routine and visualizations
  • [51:02] – The importance of rest and recovery
  • [55:30 ] – What advice would Bruce give his younger self



[Tweet “The mental game is the way you go from good to great.”]

What we can control is making the right decisions in the market and then if you focus on making the right decisions then you’ll combat all the things that get people in trouble like emotions, biases …


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Episode 5 – Achieving Peak Performance in Trading and Investing with Bruce Bower of @howoftrading

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