Episode 29 – Exploring The World Of Smart Drugs With Mansal Denton

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July 25, 2016
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In this week’s episode we are going to be exploring a rather esoteric topic in the domain of performance enhancement and that is the world of smart drugs.

Now if you’ve seen the movie Limitless then you probably know what i’m talking about.  ce
But if this is your first time hearing or learning about this topic then I think this will serve as a very good introduction and primer to smart drugs.

The big takeaway I’d like you to walk with away from our conversation is that there are no quick fixes or biological shortcuts.

In this episode you’ll hear Mansal and I discuss our experiences with nootropics/smart drugs but I think one of most important perspectives you can take is to recognize that smart drugs are at the top of the performance pyramid.

Focus on the fundamentals first, that is nutrition, exercise, rest and recovery, and lifestyle.
If you have all of those dialled in then applying smart drugs prescriptively can tweak your edges even further.

The other big takeaway is the Braverman assessment that Mansal and I discuss near the end of the show.

 Braverman Assessment

Click here to take the Braverman Assessment

The Braverman assessment is a unique questionnaire which helps you determine your potential neurotransmitter biases and deficiencies (link in the show notes), and I highly recommend using the assessment as a targeted approach to begin your foray into the world of smart drugs.

Big Ideas –

In this podcast you’ll hear –

  • Mansal share his background on what led to him research nootropics
  • What are smart drugs?
  • Are nootropics a magic pill?
  • The potential cognitive benefits of nootropics
  • The do’s and don’t of nootropics use
  • Taking a scientific perspective to your body
  • Comparing all in 1 pill vs. individual stacks
  • How to responsibly get started with nootropics?
  • A recommended trading stack for traders
  • The consequence of the Yerkes-Dodson Law and how that can affect your mental performance
  • Cycling nootropics
  • The importance of treading lightly
  • The power of discomfort

Enjoy the episode!

Resources Mentioned

Braverman Assessment – Take the Braverman Assessment here to discover your neurotransmitter biases and deficiencies
Nootropedia – Mansal’s resource for smart drugs and supplements
Examine – Another great unbiased resource on nutrition and supplements

Mansal on Facebook – Follow Mansal on Facebook

In Prison I Found Freedom Through My Personal Discipline – Article on Entrepreneur.com where Mansal shares his preison experience

Locked Up –  5 Important Life Lessons I Learned From Being In Prison

 – The UltraMind Solution – Great book on how you can improve your brain and physical health

 – The Edge Effect – Classic title in the nootropics community by Dr. Eric Braverman

Episode 29 – Exploring The World Of Smart Drugs With Mansal Denton

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