Market Outlook For March 29 – April 2, 2021 – Liquidations and Breaks

Market Outlook For November 2-6, 2020 – US Elections Special Edition
October 31, 2020
Bitcoin Setting Up
Bitcoin Setting Up
April 1, 2021
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Hi traders, Spring is in the air and back from a blogging hiatus so I’ll be back to posting some more content on a more frequent basis.

Here’s a market outlook video for the upcoming new week, month, and quarter.

Now this past week there wasn’t a lot of economic and macro news to drive the markets so what we saw this past week was a very technical market driven in large part to supply and demand flows.

Food for thought in this week’s video:

  • What a liquidation looks like and why we need to watch out when price goes into highs
  • What to look out for with the month and quarter coming to an end and what to watch for as we begin the new trading month and quarter
  • Why new month and quarters are significant
  • Revisiting my call on a possible short term bounce in bond
  • Watching the 10-year interest – and the possibility of 2% short-term rates
  • How gold may react and watching for gold’s inside week setup
  • How Bitcoin and Ethereum may be setting up for an upside surprise


Market Outlook For March 29 – April 2, 2021 – Liquidations and Breaks

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Bitcoin Setting Up
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