$NTLA For The Win

Short Squeeze
March 11, 2019
Preparing For More Volatility
Preparing For More Volatility
March 12, 2019
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$NTLA For The Win

So many good setups today so little time. 

I think a lot of traders make the common mistake, or fall into the trap, of trying to predict price instead of just being responsive to price.

If we allow the markets to come to us without bias we will find good opportunities.

Here’s an example of one of my favorite types of setups on a couple of trades from today’s session.

NTLA Daily

Last Friday NTLA ends the day as an inside bar.

This week, buyers bid it up and it goes inside day and up with full timeframe alignment to the upside.


Drill down and you see that the 4H chart goes inside bar and up after consolidating for 2 sessions inside an outside bar.

NTLA closes the session near the highs.

Where do you think we’re going next? 

The next clear pivot is last week’s open at 21.71 which also coincides with the high of the outside bar where I’m sure some shorts have parked their stops and don’t want it to get to. 😀

Here’s another great setup for you on $ROKU for your studying pleasure which contains all the elements of a good trade – structure, context, timeframe alignment, and a well defined stop.



$NTLA For The Win

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