“Open Office Hours” and The Time Gift Paradox


Earlier this month, I was speaking to a good friend who is an amazing coach and trainer and he shared with me how he recently started holding “open hours” for his clients – all for free.

This idea inspired me.
Having a coach/mentor is probably one of the surest ways to shortcut success or achieve greater levels of success in any field.

Yet real coaching in the trading world is hard to come by (and often times a large commitment) so lots of traders simply accept what’s offered in chat rooms, social media, or paid newsletters as a poor substitute.  Ultimately I think this leaves a great many aspiring traders spinning their wheels trying to learn from mistakes and majoring in the minors.

Some of you may know my story, and earlier this year I launched my coaching program which I purposely keep small (coaching no more than 3-5 clients at a time) to maintain the level of quality I offer to my clients.

So as a fun experiment a couple of weeks ago I launched a set of “open office hours” exclusively to our newsletter subscribers and offered the chance for anyone to book a 1 hour time slot and receive coaching.

Truthfully I wanted to play with a couple of things in this experiment:

  1. How can I be of service to other traders?
  2. Time scarcity.

1.  How can I be of service to other traders?

Trading can be a tough business.

As traders we spend a lot of hours in front of the screens.

After a time the thrill of the chase wears off and the desire to connect to something more meaningful begins to set in.

This is one of the reasons I started this blog, podcast, and the Montreal Traders Meetup group.

Coaching is an amazing vehicle to effect positive change and I can think of no better way to pay it forward than to inspire or empower another trader along their journey.


2.  Time scarcity.

Between trading, blogging, podcasting, a young family, my other business endeavours, as well as trying to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle, like many of us I often times feel very time crunched.

I recently finished Jane McGonigal’s book, SuperBetter, and in it she talks about the “time gift paradox.

“It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true: giving time away to someone else will make you feel time richer.”

“ In fact, giving time away made the study participants feel more time rich than participants who actually, objectively, got time richer—that is, participants who received a “time windfall,” or an hour of unexpected free time to do whatever they wanted.”

This idea of giving time away, or playing with the concept of scarcity really intrigued me.

As of late, in my trading journey, the biggest areas of discovery for me have been to recognize the role and relationship of scarcity in my trading.

Here’s what I know, it has always been easier to make money when I didn’t need to make money.

When I feel abundant (whether it’s about money, love, time, etc.), I make better decisions.   How does this resonate with you?

It’s a little too early to tell conclusively but here’s one thing I can appreciate so far from this experiment.

The simple act of blocking out time on your calendar enables you feel more time rich when you purposely schedule time to do the things you love.

Try this out for yourself, what can you schedule over the next 10 days that matters most to you?   Perhaps you want to work on developing your social connections, maybe it’s some time for yourself to simply read or meditate?  Whatever it is – schedule it and keep the appointment.


Open Office Hours

Anyways if this discussion has you curious about the coaching “open office hours” then I will be experimenting with this for another 3 weeks.

So if you want to book a conversation or simply want to talk shop –  click here – thetradingedge.org/schedule_meeting.

We can discuss any topic of your choosing or if you’d like to experience being coached then we can have a discussion around the foundational topics I cover with my clients.

Here are some ideas –

  • Trading Assessment
  • Systems / Setup / Instruments
  • Trading Methodology – Trade / Risk management
  • Mindset / Psychology
  • Trader Development
  • Practices for Peak Performance – Heart Rate Variability training / Meditation / Supplementation / Lifestyle
  • Trading Practices – Journaling, Trade plans, etc.

This is absolutely 100% free and there is zero marketing or sales.

Click below to schedule a call.

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Happy trading,



“Open Office Hours” and The Time Gift Paradox

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