[7] Days of Holidays Gifts for the Peak Performance Trader – Day 1 – The Gift of Relaxation

As the year comes to an end and we countdown the days to Christmas I’ve curated the Ultimate List of Holidays Gifts for the Peak Performance Trader. Each day for the next 7 days I’ll share a peak performance theme and some gift ideas. PS – Don’t forget to forward this list to all those buying […]

Episode 1 – Interview with Rande Howell – Why trading without emotions is a myth

    In this interview, Rande and I discuss why it’s impossible to turn off your emotions while trading and how traders can begin to create a successful mindset for trading. Rande Howell is a trained therapist who coaches retail and professional traders as well as the author of one of my Top Recommended Books, “Mindful […]

Can HRV Training Strengthen Your Trading?

  “Trading is emotion. It is mass psychology, greed and fear.” Michael Marcus – Jack Schwager, Market Wizards, 1993. This article is part 1 of an ongoing series on Heart Rate Variability (otherwise known as HRV). In this article I will share with you a quick primer on HRV and then delve into how I personally track my HRV and how tracking my HRV has improved my trading. What is HRV (Heart Rate […]

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