October 8, 2015

Episode 13 – Why confidence is the most important emotion in trading w/ Nikolai Dimitrov

Listen to the Episode Below (01:10:20) Play / pause 1x 1.5x 2x 0:00 0:00 01:10:20 volume Episode 13 – Why confidence is the most important emotion in trading w/ Nikolai Dimitrov iTunesGoogle PlayShare Leave a ReviewClammr ItListen in a New WindowDownloadSoundCloudStitcherSubscribe on AndroidSubscribe via RSSLeave a ReviewSubscribe on Android Sign up for our weekly newsletter Stay up to date with the podcast, and get notified when the next podcast drops. Subscribe Summary In this week’s episode I catch up with trader and trading coach Nikolai Dimitrov. With experiences as a concert pianist, a semi professional bodybuilder, and a fine finish carpentry craftsman, and an educational background in physics, math, and in business and management – Nikolai brings a unique set of experiences and perspectives to trading. What I think you’ll appreciate from our conversation is […]
June 29, 2015

Episode 1 – Interview with Rande Howell – Why trading without emotions is a myth

    In this interview, Rande and I discuss why it’s impossible to turn off your emotions while trading and how traders can begin to create a successful mindset for trading. Rande Howell is a trained therapist who coaches retail and professional traders as well as the author of one of my Top Recommended Books, “Mindful Trading: Master Your Emotions and the Inner Game”. Transcript   Download Transcript The Big Ideas Emotions are biological in nature and why we cannot free ourselves from emotions, but we can operate free of emotion Why your equity curve is the ultimate truth meter on […]
June 28, 2015

Weekly Perspectives: Why trading without emotions is a myth

Hi Traders, Announcement – The next Meetup is scheduled for July 14 from 6-9pm. Look forward to seeing you all there! RSVP now. ____________ Weekly Commentary – This week we saw slightly bearish action across the major market indices. The Dow and S&P500 indices retraced and closed near the 61.8% Fib levels of their current swing. While the Russell 2000 closed right around previous swing highs. Will previous resistance act as support? Normally with the shortened July the 4th holiday week I would expect some tempered market action for the coming week. However with the Greek crisis in the headlines […]
June 7, 2015

Weekly Perspectives – 6/1-6/5

Hi Traders, Reminder: Don’t forget our next Montreal Active Traders (MAT) Meetup is scheduled for this Wednesday June 10, 2015 from 7-9pm. RSVP now – it promises to be a fun event with ample opportunity to meet traders of all skill levels. Look forward to seeing you all there! ____________ Weekly Commentary – This week we saw price action retrace slightly on the major market indices. Each week we’re seeing more and more voices calling for a market top, so is this the beginning of the big selloff? Keep your eyes open to how the sector rotation is currently […]
May 9, 2015

What’s your trading mindset?

  System, Methodology, and Psychology form the foundations of trading. Yet most traders doggedly pursue finding a “holy grail” trading system and methodology but leave the psychological aspects of their trading thoroughly un-examined. “The life which is unexamined is not worth living.” – Socrates If you struggle with emotions in your trading (such as having a fear based mindset), lose money trading live money but can make money consistently paper trading, or for some reason cannot seem to follow you trade plan, you need to begin to examine your psychology. In this video I lay out a framework which you can begin to use to assess your trading mindset and a […]
April 29, 2015

9 Steps to Trading Mastery

In my previous post I recounted my experience and some of the trading struggles I faced when I began trading.  My breakthrough came when I finally owned the journey of becoming a masterful trader.  Becoming a successful trader isn’t a destination – it’s a process.  It’s a process of moving from unconscious incompetence to ultimately unconscious competence. In your pursuit towards trading mastery let the following 9 steps guide your actions and intentions.   These steps are adapted from the book – Handbook of Coaching – A Developmental Approach. 1. Know yourself. “It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” […]
April 18, 2015

You’re getting the results you’re supposed to get

Just several years ago I remember looking at my trading account balance and asking myself, “Why is it that I keep losing money?”. I still can remember how incredibly frustrated I felt.  On some days I felt so incredibly close to breaking through yet at the end of each month my account balanced showed that I was only slightly above break even or in the red. I wanted to be successful at trading more than anything and was putting in hours of screen time, sacrificing my social life and pouring hours into after-hours homework and research, but the results just weren’t […]
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