You’re getting the results you’re supposed to get

Just several years ago I remember looking at my trading account balance and asking myself, “Why is it that I keep losing money?”. I still can remember how incredibly frustrated I felt.  On some days I felt so incredibly close to breaking through yet at the end of each month my account balanced showed that […]

Rise of the robots – Creating your own robot trader

You’ve probably heard about how the algos are taking over.  And how the life as a discretionary trader is over. This post is not one of those articles.   Rather in this post, I’m going to share a clever little psychological hack that has done wonders for my trading. Inspiration goes to Vad Graifer, who […]

Lessons from What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars

Black Friday Several Friday’s ago I had the type of session that could have ended very badly for me. I started the session with a good trade but then missed an easy opportunity which would have allowed me to meet my trading goals for the day.  I call it missing the “one and done” trade.  […]

The Fallacy of Setting Daily Goals

I was once blinded by an argument. One so obviously framed that it had to be true. Unfortunately, what is obvious or self evident is not always true. Call it reductio ad absurdum at its finest. Let me share with you how it goes, tell me if you’ve ever heard this. What if i were […]

Slow down to speed up

High Speed Decision Making One of the most important competencies that an intraday trader need have is the ability to make high quality decisions in a high speed trading environment. One of the key areas I see new intraday traders struggle with is the speed of the game.  Often taken for granted is the sharp […]

Understand your trading mindset and stop the blame game

What type of trader are you? Have you ever had one of these trading days? I can recall a particularly miserable trading session where the market seemed to be hunting for my stops. I went long just to have my position stopped out at the low tick.  I reversed and went short, and got stopped […]

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