Top preparations for a great day of trading: The ultimate checklist to achieve a productive day of trading

This guest post was contributed by Titan FX.  Find out more about Titan FX at To ensure a productive and successful day of trading, get yourself ready with the right tools and strategies as well as an equipped mindset. In a lively market, traders should strengthen themselves with effective pre-trading preparations. Before beginning your trading session, […]

Webinar: Creating the Ideal Trading State

In the final part of the 3 part webinar series for Disnat Direct and clients, I discuss the importance of not just trade management but self-management. Summary: Anyone who has been trading for any length of time quickly realizes how important the mental game is to trading. After all, trading is largely a game of […]

What are you doing that is keeping you from getting what you really want?

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” As we enter upon the final trading days of the year set aside some time the next several days to reflect on your trading this past year. Invest the time and reflect on some of your goals and consider some of these questions. Did you get the results you […]

Are Large Losses Necessary?

Recently I was having a friendly debate with a fellow trader around the nature of losses.  His belief, and one which i believe is shared by a great many traders, is that experiencing a large trading loss (or even losses) is a necessary part of learning how to trade.  That is for a trader to […]

Trading Exercise: Your Trading Twin

If you’ve been struggling or want to take your trading to the next level it’s sometime best to take a step back and view things from a different perspective. The following visualization exercise is adapted from Sam Bennett’s book, Get It Done, and may help you reframe your current reality and where it is you want […]

Episode 23 – Successful Trading Begins And Ends With Self Awareness

Listen to the Episode Below (00:30:00)
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Summary In today’s show, we’re going to have a conversation on the nature of beliefs and how they affect our trading. As well we’ll get into why developing awareness is the central tenet to success in trading. Van Tharp has a popular quote - You do not trade the markets.  You can only trade your beliefs…

Episode 10 – The role of neuro meta structures and how to reshape and upgrade our trading mindsets through Awareness, Acceptance, & Action w/ Rich Friesen

Summary   In this episode I had the opportunity to deep dive into the topic of developing the ideal trading mindset with Rich Friesen. Rich brings a deep wealth of knowledge to the table drawing on his many years as a broker, floor trader, financial software developer and entrepreneur. Now he works with financial professionals,…

The 12 reasons most traders fail

“The trading profession has a problem that is two-fold:  There is a low bar for entry and a high bar for success.” I’m probably not going to make a lot of friends with this post.  This is hard to say and it many ways even harder to accept but most would be traders who enter […]

Episode 3 – Interview with Tim Racette of @EminiMind – The fallacy of setting strict goals, the power of habits, and using the principle of inversion to gain an edge

  In this interview I catch up with trader and blogger Tim Racette. We discuss how Tim started his trading journey and Tim gives an honest recount of how long it took him to become a successful and confident trader. Plus we talk about the fallacy of setting strict outcome goals the importance of having good habits, and […]

Giving when it hurts

It was roughly 3 months ago that I made a big shift in my trading. I haven’t shared this publicly before but I hope this serves you wherever you are on your trading journey. It all started after a particularly rough patch of trading.  I had just experienced a string of losses and was staring […]

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