Episode 12 – The Art of Technical Indicators w/ Barry Taylor @eminiwatch

Weekly Market Perspectives – 09/28-10/02
October 4, 2015
Episode 13 – Why confidence is the most important emotion in trading w/ Nikolai Dimitrov
October 8, 2015
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In this week’s episode I interview Emini-watch’s Barry Taylor.

What I admire most about Barry is how he’s architected a fantastic life through trading.

He spends much of his year travelling around the world, spending time each year in places like Australia, France, and Hawaii and enjoying the great surf.

He’s the quintessential trader who trades to live and doesn’t live to trade.

In the episode you’ll hear Barry describe his trading journey and how he now trades the eMini ES just 2-3 days a week to finance his lifestyle.

So if you’re curious on what this looks like then i think you will get a lot of insights from this show.

Big Ideas

In the show we talk about –

  • What it’s like to trade from Sydney, Australia and Hawaii
  • Why he believes it’s important not to have trading be an open ended obligation
  • How Barry decided to trade just 2-3 days / week
  • Barry talks about his 3 “Better” Indicators
  • The importance of not over optimizing indicators
  • Why there’s art, play, and nuance in using indicators
  • Defines how using a technical indicators is a matter of applying mathematics to draw rational conclusions out of an irrational situation
  • Why the trading journey is about discovering what makes sense to you and why “you have to kiss a lot of frogs”
  • Barry’s recent experience with Bulletproof Coffee



Good traders are good listeners because they can look at a chart and they can listen to what the market is telling them.




Resources Mentioned

www.emini-watch.com – Barry’s blog

Better Indicators – Learn more about Barry’s indicators

@eminiwatch – Connect with Barry on Twitter

Bulletproof Coffee – Barry shared a funny story about his most recent Bulletproof coffee (BPC) experience.  I’m also a big fan of BPC but suggest easing up on the MCT when you first start out to avoid the dreaded “disaster pants”.

 –Rocket Science for Traders: Digital Signal Processing Applications – A little technical but popular title for those interested in building their own indicators

 – Devil Take the Hindmost: a History of Financial Speculation – Great read on the history of boom and busts.

Introduction to Barry’s system and indictators

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Episode 12 – The Art of Technical Indicators w/ Barry Taylor @eminiwatch

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