Trusting In The Process

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Slow Drip Up
April 5, 2019
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April 6, 2019
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Trusting In The Process

Like many people, I had a deeply entrenched need to be in control, due to desire and fear. I needed to overcome this “control issue” before I could experience the joy of effortlessness with any consistency.

The answer was, and still is, complete surrender—I had to simply stop caring whether it would happen or not, while at the same time totally trusting that it would. I had to let the practice happen without “doing” the practice.

Most of us have a lifetime habit of being in control; of thinking, we are a “Self” who is responsible for making things happen.

Don’t try to make anything happen. Just trust in the process, and let it unfold naturally.

We’re all different, and maybe you won’t hold on so tightly. Yet, keep in mind that even when you know it’s safe to drop all effort, actually letting go can still be hard.

The Mind Illuminated –  John Yates

This is a passage from one of my favourite books on Mindfulness.  

I’d like you to consider that how we show up in one part of our lives is how we show up everywhere in our lives.

This weekend spend some time and deeply consider how this shows up in your trading?

Where are you trying to make something happen out of the desire for control, approval, security, and/or significance and getting in the way of the process natural unfolding?

The markets affords ample opportunities if we can let go of our propensity to impose our personal needs, biases, and expectations.


Trusting In The Process

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