Webinar: Creating the Ideal Trading State

Webinar: Developing Your Trading Playbook
February 19, 2018
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April 9, 2018
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In the final part of the 3 part webinar series for Disnat Direct and clients, I discuss the importance of not just trade management but self-management.


Anyone who has been trading for any length of time quickly realizes how important the mental game is to trading.

After all, trading is largely a game of decision making and as human beings, there is a host of cognitive biases and mental leaks (fears, limiting beliefs, etc.) that can bleed into one’s trading.

Many traders mistakenly believe that consistent trading success is simply a function of having a battle-tested trading system that has an edge and adequate risk management. However, if you are neglecting the mental game then in all likelihood what you will see is a trader that has high capability but poor capacity – i.e. the classic under-performer.

Tune in and learn about the importance of self-awareness, cultivating interoception, and strategies for managing the strong emotions that arise from trading.



Webinar: Creating the Ideal Trading State

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