Why Regular Meditation Is Great For Your Trading Mind

This week’s article comes from previous 2-time podcast guest (Episode 19 and Episode 27) Mercedes Oestermann van Essen who shares the benefits of meditation for the trading mind.

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen coaches traders and investors to improve their performance by creating more harmony in their professional and personal lives. Her core transformation strategy consists of a unique style of guided meditation which she teaches in on-line workshops and in weekly meditation classes.

You can find out more about her at her website, www.TheBuddhistTrader.com, and learn more about her Transformational Guided Meditation Academy here.

The general benefits of meditation are well documented. Meditation calms your mind and relaxes you. The amazing side effects the right kind of meditation has on your ability to change long-standing behaviour patterns are not usually discussed.  Related image

Regular meditation is great for your trading mind if you choose a style of transformational meditation that gets you into a deep theta state of mind where you can make changes to your brain’s thought patterns.

Meditation is not supposed to stop you from thinking. Your thoughts are a very necessary tool that enables you to create your three-dimensional reality. Without thoughts, there would be no reality for you to experience.

The main objective of meditation is to get you into your body and into your mind to observe how you create your own reality before it appears in the three-dimensional form.

Most people are only aware of their three-dimensional reality and make changes in the energy. This is hard work and can take a lifetime because you are rather late to the party:

By the time you feel anger, fear, frustration, depression or joy much has been going on to create these sensations which your subconscious mind has been busy working on.

Your thoughts, not your action create your three-dimensional reality.

In other words, habitual thinking is the cause of reality, while your actions are the effect.  Related image

The problem is that most of your thinking runs on autopilot in the subconscious part of your brain.

The regular thought patterns which create your trading performance are not the result of what you have thought about this morning when you looked at your trading plan, rather they are the effect of millions of repeated thoughts which occur in every minute, every hour every day and every week and month.

In many respects, your trading results are produced in an unconscious manner. I know this might feel rather uncomfortable because the linear mind loves to be in control.

Paradoxically regular guided meditation is the best vehicle to regain control of your thinking:

Guided meditation, unlike other forms of meditation gently directs your mind into those areas of your brain which are not visited too often by the conscious part of your mind.

When you learn how to access the subconscious parts of your mind and align them with the conscious part of your mind you are beginning to control your (trading) life.

The thought patterns which have been running unobserved, which are the precursors to those emotions that cause unwanted trading behaviours, will become evident to your conscious mind as you meditate regularly. Once you have become more aware of these thoughts you retrain your brain to think in new ways. Learning to do this when you are in a meditative state is hugely powerful and effective.

This is the unique benefit you gain from meditating with Transformational Guided meditations daily rather than using meditation techniques like TM.

Guided meditation has transformed my brain:

Since I have used this particular kind of meditation which I developed specifically to help traders to let go of deeply ingrained dysfunctional trading behaviours I have seen many improvements in my own life:

The need to constantly react to outside circumstances has dramatically decreased and that has helped me focus better, I have become more resilient out outside circumstances and more alert. I have more energy because I get more done in less time most days.  

I teach all my private coaching clients how to meditate.

Everyone values the benefits they feel almost immediately from the practice: Granted, unwanted trading behaviours which are usually rooted in deeper unconscious value conflicts do not disappear overnight. The brain needs time to make the chemical changes that create lasting change, however, the different energy my clients’ experience as a result of the meditation panders to the brain’s desire for instant gratification and increases motivation to keep going with the new practice. Provided the meditation practice is kept up changes will occur.

If you learn to meditate correctly you will see positive changes in your overall mental well-being: You feel less anxious, depression disappears, anger and over critical behaviours lessens because your brain goes in harmony.

When the left and right side of the brain is in harmony you feel calmer, more alert and you make better decisions. That is the bottom line.

I am sure you can see how meditation can help you improve your trading and indeed your entire life.

Why Regular Meditation Is Great For Your Trading Mind

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