Adapting To Markets By Expanding Your Learning Strategies 💡

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June 14, 2017
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September 4, 2017
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One of the most profound changes in the recent markets has been the acceleration in the rate of change. Trends and regime changes that used to play out in weeks or months are now occurring in days or hours.

As a discretionary trader, one of the keys to being able to keep up and adapt to this ever changing and evolving environment is to have a solid understanding of how you best learn and a developed set of skill acquisition strategies.

I’ve written about and presented on this topic in the past about the importance of deliberate practice in trading as well as the necessity of developing a practice and skills based mindset and you can find a related webinar here –

Webcast: Why trying harder doesn’t make you a better trader.

In this week’s video, we discuss –

  • The importance of learning as it applies to trading
  • What are the different learning modalities
  • Prioritizing the different learning modalities
  • Using mental rehearsal to prepare for your trading

Adapting To Markets By Expanding Your Learning Strategies 💡

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