February 14, 2016

Episode 25 – Rayner Teo – The Traits Of Successful Traders @Rayner_Teo

Summary In this episode I chat with Rayner Teo. Rayner’s a former prop firm trader turned independent trader and blogger over at tradingwithrayner.com. Rayner has a very compelling story and in this podcast you’ll hear some of these big ideas and lessons: Big Ideas – How he decided to move from trading at a prop firm to becoming an independent trader The traits of successful traders Rayner’s trend following method Why you need to get rid of the 9-5 mindset when it comes to trading Why unrealistic expectations are harmful for new traders And finally Rayner’s perspective on paper trading vs. […]
February 7, 2016

Episode 24 – Denise Shull – Developing Your Psychological Edges @DeniseKShull

Summary In this week’s show I chat with Denise Shull and we have a fascinating conversation around the science of emotions feelings and trading. Denise is well known for her book, Market Mind Games, and the work she does with traders integrating the science of neuroscience and decision making. Time and time again we’ve explored on this podcast the importance of integrating emotions and feelings into our trading. Unfortunately there’s still a school of thought out there that still believes we can somehow compartmentalize or suppress our emotions while we trade. Although this line of thinking is well meaning i […]
January 18, 2016

Episode 23 – Successful Trading Begins And Ends With Self Awareness

Summary In today’s show, we’re going to have a conversation on the nature of beliefs and how they affect our trading. As well we’ll get into why developing awareness is the central tenet to success in trading. Van Tharp has a popular quote – You do not trade the markets.  You can only trade your beliefs about the markets. Here’s a passage from Tharp – What does it mean to say we only trade our beliefs about the markets? Let’s look at some statements and see what you believe about them: The market is a dangerous place to invest. (You are […]
January 10, 2016

Episode 22 – TraderMind – The Power of Cultivating Awareness In Your Trading w/ Steve Ward

Summary   Steve Ward is well known as a performance coach and has worked with peak performers across numerous domains from the likes of Olympic athletes to institutional and professional traders. Steve is also an author and in his latest book, TraderMind, he integrates the concepts of mindfulness into the world of high achievement and performance. TraderMind is one of the new breed of what I call psychology 2.0 books and it’s currently one of my favourite trading psychology books and on my Top Recommended Books list on the blog. So having worked with some many peak performers, in this […]
December 14, 2015

Episode 21 – Finding The Currency Of Performance

We’ve all heard the saying that “time is our most precious resource”. Although time is sacred, I’m of the opinion that our most valuable resource is energy – not time. You see in our modern era we constantly borrow from Peter to pay Paul, and it’s a poor trade. We deplete ourselves of our physical energy by burning the candle at both ends and by neglecting to properly feed and care for our bodies.    This persists week after week, year after year until we squander our biological inheritance and rely on modern medicine to cover the symptoms. We spend all of our time […]
December 7, 2015

Episode 20 – Trading Bitcoin w/ Ferdous Ahmed @ferdousbhai

Summary   If you’re interested in Bitcoin as a technology and as a trading instrument then this show is for you. In this episode I bring on bitcoin developer and trader Ferdous Ahmed to talk to us about trading bitcoin, the state and future of bitcoin, and the very interesting cryptocurrency exchange he’s putting together. Although the idea of cryptocurrencies have been around for a long time, I think it’s fair to say that Bitcoin has been the most successful implementation of a cryptocurrency to date. Bitcoin and the idea of the Blockchain is a fascinating technology.  As Ferdous and I discuss […]
November 30, 2015

Episode 19 – Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen: The Buddhist Trader and Trading From Oneness @_BuddhistTrader

Summary In this week’s episode I had the pleasure of chatting with Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen. Mercedes is a trader and internationally recognized intuitive coach and mentor focusing on trading psychology. I discovered Mercedes through the presentations she’s done with TopStepTrader and later found out that she has a very good body of work over at her website called The Buddhist Trader. Naturally with a name like the Buddhist Trader we explore how Mercedes believes the practice of Buddhism plays into trading. And even if you’re not spiritual I think many of the practices and concepts of Buddhism are very […]
November 16, 2015

Episode 18 – Understanding Willpower and The Will of Heroes w/ Colin Robertson @Willpower_ed

Summary In this week’s episode we take a slight detour from our usual programming of trading topics and instead explore the topic of Willpower with Colin Robertson. Colin’s a willpower researcher, founder of a blog called willpowered.co, and if you’re interested in the topic of willpower then I think this episode will give you some real practical insights on the subject. One of the often cited studies we discuss on the show is the infamous marshmallow test which showed that young children who were able to delay gratification later grew up to become more successful and happier adults. So the big […]
November 9, 2015

Episode 17 – Why trust is at the root of successful trading w/ Ray Burchett

Summary What is the role of trust in trading? On previous episodes you may have heard me speak about why I believe confidence is the most important emotion to carry into trading. Confidence is what allows you to have the convictions to do what needs to be done even when it’s uncomfortable. In this week’s show I interview Ray Burchett. Ray has well over 30 years of trading and trader training experience having spent time trading at the CME and running and owning a number trader development companies. And in this show we delve deep into the topic of trader […]
November 2, 2015

Episode 16 – You’re not good enough to be disappointed

Summary I talk to a lot of traders and over and over again I hear how in one form or another that they’re not happy with their performance. Let me say this and I don’t mean to be controversial but I think it needs to be said. But for most traders out there I’m sorry but “you are not good enough to be disappointed”. This is especially true for new traders. So I don’t mean to say this to berate you but rather I offer you that humbling statement so that you can reframe where you are with your trading. […]