Top preparations for a great day of trading: The ultimate checklist to achieve a productive day of trading

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April 9, 2018
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March 10, 2019
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To ensure a productive and successful day of trading, get yourself ready with the right tools and strategies as well as an equipped mindset. In a lively market, traders should strengthen themselves with effective pre-trading preparations.

Before beginning your trading session, it is important to prepare and get organized with all the things you will need. Doing this will establish optimal performance and a more focused way of thinking for an active day of trades.

To succeed in trading, be sure to first set up preparations for both physical and mental outlook.

“Initiate a productive day of trading by applying both physical and mental preparations for success.“ 

A great day of charts and executions

To establish a focused and organized trading atmosphere, it is important to manage the right activities before a day of trading. According to insights shared by Stacey Burke, traders need to be alert and prepared for all possible trading scenarios to achieve constant progress. This involves preparation in methodology, mindset, and physical or emotional state. In the long run,  traders can improve diligence when following a more systemized trading routine.


Why are preparations important for trading?

Like launching a business or getting ready for a presentation, preparation is key to successful results and quality output. It allows traders to take advantage of the day-to-day opportunities of the market. With enough time and discipline, you can reach trading goals with the help of preparations before a day of trading. Here are top reasons why preparations are vital to a profitable day of  trading:

  • Minimizes the risk of setbacks
  • Ensures optimal focus and alertness
  • Encourages better emotional management and wellbeing
  • Strengthens expertise and skill for optimal performance
  • Provides more structure and organization


What you need for an efficient day of trading

There are plenty of ways traders can prepare for a productive day of trading. Whether this is as simple as taking a relaxing stroll or checking the latest headlines, pre-trading preparations can help maximize performance and decision making. It can create an optimized physical and mental state that can increase readiness and focus. Here are different ways you can set up a routine and prepare yourself for an efficient day of trading:



Being a sedentary job,  traders need to physically prepare for an ache-free, organized and focused day of work. This means getting your body ready for hours on the desk by having a fitness routine and being more active. The most important thing to remember is that your physical routine should be effective, relaxing and enjoyable.

In the world of sport, points out that the physical preparation of athletes is also associated with execution and technique. In the long run, preparing the body for trading can ultimately develop Optimal Work Performance for Quality Trading and strengthen mental wellness.


Physical fitness

Physical fitness is one of the best ways to start your day of trading. Even if this a simple walk in the park or going to the gym, exercise releases endorphins that encourage positive emotion and better response to stress. The benefits of being physically fit are also advantageous beyond daily trading sessions. It can help traders achieve overall well-being and optimize long-term efficiency.


Preparations for ache-free trading

Long hours of trading can eventually affect the physical state. Because of this,  traders should prepare for an ache-free trading session. Here are a few things you can do to avoid physical stress on your trading desk:

  • Practice the habit of good posture.
  • Invest in ergonomic desk tools like office chairs or digital devices.
  • Set up a system for alerts on when to take breaks from being on the computer.
  • Prepare the right exercises that can help decrease particular body strains.


Sleep and rest

Sleep and rest play a big role when performing well during trading activities. When traders are not fully rested, this will decrease physical agility, quality of performance and lessen efficiency. Before going into a trading session, traders should be aware of levels of tiredness and establish readiness through sleep and rest.


Whether you are a full time or part-time trader, it is important to feel well rested prior to trading. Because of this, try applying these Best Practices for Better Sleep.


Trading environment

Being a home-based job, it is also important to prepare your physical environment. When trading, your work environment should positively affect overall productivity and focus. If you have a home office, make sure to prepare a highly efficient setup. Aside from this, you will also need to ensure a workspace that can provide minimal distractions.

“For an optimal day of trading, preparations can equip traders with the right mental abilities and emotional state.” 



One of the best tools you can use to execute successful trades is your mind. In a day of trading, traders need to use mental abilities like analytical thinking, pattern recognition or probability skills. Mental preparations can also inspire self-confidence and determination. By performing mental preparations before a trade, you can mentally and emotionally gear up for any unexpected trading scenarios.  


Set up a morning routine

Through an effective morning routine, you can set yourself up with the right mindset for a successful day of trading. Most mental preparations happen prior to starting a trading session. This is where a great morning routine can encourage self-determination, time management as well as mental rejuvenation.

Because of the odd hours of trading, a morning routine also revolves around hours spent before trading activities. Be sure to have a practical trading schedule according to the pairs you plan on trading.


Have a mantra by your side

With the mental challenges of trading, it is vital to prepare a mantra before a day of trading. A mantra describes repeated words of affirmation that can help you achieve target goals. Being an age-old practice, having a mantra has been shown to boost drive, focus, and encouragement especially during challenging trades.


Prepare for proactive and positive thinking

The conscious act of preparing proactive and positive thinking is helpful especially for traders who tend to practice self-doubt. Before trading, find activities that personally help you enhance a more proactive and positive mindset. These include simple activities like:

  • Practice positive self-talk.
  • Listen to music you enjoy.
  • Try positive imagery.
  • Find inspirational sources.
  • Learn how to meditate.




traders cannot control market movement. The only aspects of trading that can be managed is strategy and trading tools as well as mindset and character. These can be optimized through effective planning and preparation. To succeed and make use of all aspects of trading, it is beneficial to develop a pre-trading routine that can help you manage an energetic day of trading.


Check your tools

Focus is vital for optimal productivity during executions or chart analysis. Prior to a trading session, ensure all digital devices, internet speed, and other desk tools are functioning properly and easily available. This includes checking up on your equipment, apps or informational sources and making sure they are ready to use. To establish a productive day of trading, make a habit out of checking your tools and ensure that all are functioning properly.


Let past trades be your guide

Before getting into a day of trading,  traders can greatly benefit from reviewing previous trades. Whether you look back on winning or losing trades, the habit of interpretation and analysis of past executions is a great way to set up a daily trading plan before trading live. By studying what worked and what didn’t, you can better prepare and strategize before entering a trade.


Make time for stress-free market analysis

In a volatile market, traders need to make time for proper market analysis. Whether these are preparations made first thing in the morning or the weekend before, time spent before a trading session is a great opportunity to analyze the market.


Without the distractions or anxieties from open positions, market analysis before trading sessions allows traders to properly investigate while remaining objective and calm. By giving yourself the opportunity focus on market analysis, you are also giving yourself time to study where other opportunities lie and where risks can be minimized.


Make a habit out of preparation before a trading session

“Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.”  ― Author, Alan Armstrong

There are plenty of strategies you can apply to succeed and profit from the market. The most important aspect of preparation is to make sure that it works for you. Whether you develop a relaxing morning routine or look through your trading journal, the preparations you apply before a trading session must be effective. With an exciting market, you must get ready with optimal physical and mental preparations for an excellent trading session.

With the risk and reward nature of trading, it is vital to strengthen daily trading sessions with the best pre-trading preparations.

To become an equipped trader, make use of effective physical or mental routines and pre-trade analysis. With enough time and commitment, you can establish the right strategies and mindsets prior to a trade. Eventually, this will help you achieve a fulfilling trading career that is both enjoyable and profitable.


Top preparations for a great day of trading: The ultimate checklist to achieve a productive day of trading

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