Trading Exercise: Your Trading Twin

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May 17, 2016
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If you’ve been struggling or want to take your trading to the next level it’s sometime best to take a step back and view things from a different perspective.

The following visualization exercise is adapted from Sam Bennett’s book, Get It Done, and may help you reframe your current reality and where it is you want to go.

Take three deep belly breaths and begin to imagine:


First begin by picturing a safe place.  This place may be somewhere you have been in the past (or some place you wish to visit in the future) that brings you calm and relaxation.

Now picture yourself sitting there.  It’s a beautiful day and you are resting, relaxing and waiting for a special visitor.

Today you have a special meeting with someone – someone you’ve been meaning to catch up with for some time.

As you sit there, you suddenly see coming across the way and waving wildly at you, your Trading Twin.twins

Your Trading Twin is just like you, but also different. First of all, your Trading Twin is very successful and happens to be very rich.  Really rich. Ultra rich.  Your Trading Twin is also a bit impulsive and free-spirited.

Your Trading Twin made a huge fortune investing and trading and has been known to do things like buy luxury yachts sight unseen and then lend them out to a friend of a friend.  Your Trading Twin has gone off for six months at a time on spiritual quests, gone off the grid to volunteer and build schools in developing nations, and has donated wildly to all manners of charities.

Notice what your Trading Twin is wearing, and how your Trading Twin walks and moves through the world.

Your Trading Twin greets you with great enthusiasm and perhaps calls you by a special nickname.

Together you walk around your safe place, admiring the view, catching up, and you share your latest successes and deepest issues.

Suddenly your Trading Twin stops short and says, “I know you aspire to be a more successful trader, so let me ask you a question”.

“I am going to ask you a rather strange question.  The strange question is this:  After we talk, you will go back to your work (home, school) and you will do whatever you need to do the rest of today, such as taking care of the children, cooking dinner, watching TV, and so on. It will become time to go to bed. Everybody in your household is quiet, and you are sleeping in peace.

In the middle of the night, a miracle happens and the deepest problem that you shared with me today is solved! But because this happens while you are sleeping, you have no way of knowing that there was an overnight miracle that solved the problem.

So, when you wake up tomorrow morning, what might be the small change that will make you say to yourself, ‘Wow, something must have happened—the problem is gone!'”

Notice how you feel about this idea.

The day is winding down, and it’s getting time for your Trading Twin to jet off. As you say good-bye, your Twin gives you a word of advice. Then your Twin gives you a gift that you didn’t know you needed.

Notice how you feel about the advice and the gift. Place the gift somewhere for safekeeping, and wave good-bye to your Twin.

Take one last look around at your safe place, noticing any final thoughts or feelings.

Take another deep belly breath and come back to the present moment.

Now complete the following sentences about what you noticed. Perhaps one small idea will bubble up, or maybe the ideas will percolate and tomorrow you might have some blazing insight. Or maybe not. Either way, just let your mind stay blank as you write down your thoughts.

  • My “safe place” was?
  • What caught my eye was?
  • My Twin was?
  • My Twin’s name was?
  • What was the problem you shared with your Twin?
  • How would you notice your problem had disappeared if the miracle indeed had occurred?  How would your friends and family notice?
  • My Twin’s gift to me was?
  • My Twin’s advice to me was?
  • Other things I noticed were?

There’s no right or wrong way to feel.

Take the parts of this exercise that inspire you, amuse you, or maybe even seriously challenge or annoy you and play with them. See what comes up.

Sometimes seeing ourselves in a different light can shed old perspectives and lead towards unexpected paths of self discovery.

Trading Exercise: Your Trading Twin

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