Weekly Perspectives – Summer Social

Weekly Market Outlook For August 19 – 23, 2019
August 18, 2019
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August 24, 2019
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Weekly Perspectives –  Summer Social

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I’m pleased to announce that our next Meetup is just a few days away.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to secure a venue for presentation so as the Summer season comes to an end we’re going to take this opportunity to have a hiatus from our regular presentation schedule and do a Summer social instead.

Join me, Etienne Crete, and others in the Meetup community this Wednesday, August 21 as we take over the Sauvage Bar A Vin for a fun night of networking, drinks, and snacks where you can meet other traders, make connections, and of course talk trading.

The event will run from [7:00][9:00] PM.

RSVP here for tickets.  

See you on Wednesday!



Prepare for the coming week

A lot of you have been telling me you have found the Weekly Market Outlook videos useful so thank you very much for the feedback. 

As I stated in last week’s video, “buyers need to continue to keep control and defend their levels else risk sellers stepping in and selling the pullback and flipping things back to full-time frame alignment to the downside“. 

This past week the bulls were met with a number of bearish macro scenarios and ultimately the bulls lost control and markets buckled due to the intensified selling.

By mid-week sentiment had turned overly negative and compelled me to share the possible reversal, which set up the buying opportunities on Thursday and Friday.

See – Overly negative.

In the short term, the buyers are once again in control.

Watch the Weekly Outlook video to see the levels we’ll be watching to see if the rally has legs.

In this week’s video, we look at the technical outlook for the VXX VX! SPY SPX QQQ IWM DIA EEM TSX TLT GLD XAUUSD GDXJ BTCUSD TOTAL UKOIL EEM BABA MJ TLRY CRON AAPL CELG for the week of August 19 – 23, 2019.


Bonds 101- 

All eyes were on the bond market this week as news about the inverted yield curve and the possible consequences of negative yields were front and center in minds of traders.  

If your knowledge on bonds is a bit rusty on here are two great pieces that are a must-read to get you caught up.

Bonds Meet the Four Criteria for Defining a Bubble

What Negative Interest Rates Mean for the World (Podcast)


Happy trading,


PS – Feel free to share this newsletter and our videos so we can reach more traders!


Weekly Perspectives – Summer Social

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