What are you doing that is keeping you from getting what you really want?

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December 20, 2016
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January 8, 2017
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“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

As we enter upon the final trading days of the year set aside some time the next several days to reflect on your trading this past year.

Invest the time and reflect on some of your goals and consider some of these questions.

  • Did you get the results you were looking for?  Quantitatively and qualitatively?
  • Did you consistently act and trade in a way consistent with a professional trader?
  • Did you improve as a trader?
  • What were some of the areas you made the most improvement?
  • What areas do you continue to struggle?
  • What particular market conditions, mental or emotional states cause the most trouble in your trading?
  • What skills have you not yet adequately developed?

Now I want you to ask yourself, “what am I doing to keep from getting what it is I really want”?  

This question comes from William Perry, a teacher of psychology at Harvard, who famously said, “Whenever
someone comes to me for help, I listen very hard and ask myself, ‘What does this person really want— and what will they do to keep from getting it?'”

I’m going to say something controversial here but having worked with many traders I can attest to the fact that what holds many traders back from achieving the trading success they desire is not their lack of discipline, determination, or the worthiness of their goals, but rather their previous successes.

You see in many cases our previous successes, and the very strengths that brought about the conditions for our current success, are in fact what are now keeping us back from realizing our next level of success.

Our attachment to our successes, that is our beliefs about who we think we are and what we are capable are doing, create the glass ceiling which we now are stuck below.  This is why consistent trading success seems so elusive – we seem so close yet remain so far.

In my opinion this is the greatest barrier to improvement and why traders don’t achieve the results they’re seeking.

Intuitively i think many of us have realized this.
After all if your current course of action was working wouldn’t you already have found the trading success you were looking for?

Do you really think it’s because you are not trying hard enough or are not smart enough?
If you truly have a deep desire and commitment to improve and succeed at trading and yet have not found the success you desire then you must realize that something needs to change.

Some traders never achieve this realization and lose years chasing their tails.

Instead of tackling these facts head on most traders would rather search for the next technical indicator, trading book, financial instrument, etc. and all along gloss over the most important question and that is what is keeping me from truly embodying what it takes to become a world class professional trader?

This is why it’s often so helpful to surround ourselves with people who don’t buy into our stories and can challenge our assumptions.

So what will you do this year? Will it be more of the same?

In our self focused lives it’s often times hard to see the forest through the trees so for the coming year I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone.

Find a trading friend, colleague, or mentor who will call you on your BS.

Purposely surround yourself with traders and other successful people who are 2-3 steps ahead of you.
This will naturally be uncomfortable and this discomfort will allow you to shed your attachment to who you were to who you need to become.

If you are seeking a challenge and looking to go deep and open to new challenges consider enrolling in my 1-1 coaching program.
This program is tailored to meet you and your trading and you’ll find the support, motivation, and depth to break through the glass ceilings that are holding you back if you are willing to put in the work.

Now if you are new to trading or still trying to fit all the trading pieces together then consider investing in my “Keys To Your Trading Business” course which will give you not only a framework but the elements to successfully kickstart your trading operation and start your path towards owning a successful and profitable trading operation.

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To your success in 2017.
Happy trading,

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What are you doing that is keeping you from getting what you really want?

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